Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Worldwide Mix Tape Trading and other Hippiesque Persuits

Its called Summer Burn - basically you make the best damned, laid back, sun shine dripping, make even the Chilli Pepper's jealous, summer mix tape you can with the choon's at your disposal. Then you sign up, make two copies and mail them to whomever the Funjunkies tell you to. In return you will get two mixes from different people and everyone gets to experience new music and maybe a great summer soundtrack. Yes, its a bit Haight/Ashbury but hey, it could be fun. Click the title to be taken to the site for more info - anyone know any good songs about swamp ass? (Thanks to Steph for the link)

A few MSTRKRFT remixes i like...

Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Version)
Bloc Party - Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Wolfmother - Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Toronto duo DFA79's debut You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, had some great tracks and some so-so ones. However, 1/2 of that band has a dance project alter ego known as MSTRKRFT and has nailed every production he's done. The first single was an iTunes SOTW earlier this year (dead-on Daft Punk impression) and there are a slew of fantastic remixes including Annie, Metric, The Kills and an upcoming mix of She Wants Revenge for interested people to track down.

The remix of the DFA79 original can be found on their remix album Romance Bloody Romance with a bunch of other treats (check Erol Alkan's toss up of their hit "Romantic Rights"). It goes from machismo fuled stoner rock to a kitchy indie-dance meets 60's bossa-nova number with a few french lyrics.

The Bloc Party original was released as on a double single with Hero after the massiv success of their debut Silent Alarm - currently i have no idea where this remix can be found outside the net. The original will likely also pop up on their forthcoming sophomore effort. I can't stop listening to this track.

Wolfmother came out of Australia with the nearly the same level of back home hype that the Arctic Monkey's enjoyed when they finally landed stateside from snaggle-tooth island (that's Britian). The remix chops up the obvious classic rock of their track and gets all electro-funk up in there with hand claps, synths, cowbells and a guitar sans fuzz.

and just for good measure here are 2 hilarious vids - "Sexy Results":

and their first single, the french house slathered "Easy Love":


Next time I'll see if i can put up some of the originals for comparison.

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