Thursday, May 18, 2006

Content 'eh?

Hey, need some more content? (Don't we all?) Then head over to Draxhall's blog: Big Thoughts From A Small Mind. It's filled with clips, mp3s, cd reviews ect - and the cat's got good taste... oh and he's from Canadia but don't hold that against ;) For the link just click the title. He's currently sporting some stuff from Tribe, MF Doom, Daft Punk & The Fiery Furnaces so you know the net is cast wide.

And look, Titles & Sidebar links! Slowly getting the hang of this blog thang down!

Now 4 more tracks I like...

Jamie Lidell - What's the Use

Latest iTunes US Store Single of the Week (so DL by Monday @ 11:59 EST). This is a nice funky piece of neo-soul. I am a big fan of the SOTW as it lets you discover things like this. Excellent replication of Shuggie Otis ("Strawberry Letter 23" - He's a woefully underappreciated genius) style 70's sound with real attention to interesting production. Starts off as a pretty simple beat with some atmospheric shades and a funky bass line but as the track progesses the beat meanders incorporating an odd break here and there while some other sounds and harmonies fill up the sparse musical space - including a subtle but deadly horn off in the distance during the bridge. Ace.

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

An ass shaking bass line that gives way to a piano breakdown, lalalas and dramatic 80's synths highlight this perfect pop/rock gem. Naturally, The Sounds are from Sweeden. If you like Blondie you'll love this shite. Singer Maja Ivarsson has that a trace of a Joan Jett snarl in her voice that cuts through the pop sheen and lets you fall head over heels in love with the track. The track is from their second CD Dying to Say This to You which came out back in March.

Jedi Mind Tricks ƒ Killah Preist - Saviourself

Repin' the 215 (that's Philly) JMT are celebrating 10 years in the game. MC Vinnie Paz's voice tends toward the grating but his lyrics however drip with Egyptian and other ancient world imagery and make for a flow that takes you off to his world. The verse from Killah Priest, turntable play and Indian inspired production smooth the whole package out. It's this last element however that really makes the track. Its an oustandingly listenable beat that I could easilly loop on instrumental and get lost. the track is off their 2004 release Legacy of Blood

And here is an amazing image - the cover art for the disc that preceeded Legacy. That is City Hall in Philadelphia:

We Are Scientists - Inaction

This Brooklyn trio's first set, With Love and Squalor, dropped in Jan and is packed with 12 catchy, art rock, tracks that sound like Bloc Party, the Killers, ect. Unlike thise bands WAS seem to have a tounge in cheek delivery that starts with the cover of said disc:

Where as Bloc Party inhabit the political and the Killers have a hyper-dramatic pomposity about them this track is has a self depricating, loser way about it.


All for now and remember "Ape shall never kill ape!"

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