Sunday, May 14, 2006

For the not-so-techno-savy

Just occured to me that some may not know how to download these tracks - for most of them if you click the link you can listen in a window and if you right click and select "save target as" you can dl to your hard drive. I know there is a different way for Macs but i don't know it. For some links a download dialogue box will automatically open up and for iTunes links you need to have iTunes installed to get the track.

Here are 3 more tracks that I like...


Andy Dick - Cosmic Dust

Yes, that Andy Dick. This is goofy experimental/surf rock number feels like a B-52's b-side. Dick channels Fred Schnieder at times as well. There's some lyrics about sniffing lines (duh) and "the moon, who's one good eye's on us." Yes this is very camp but its a catchy number and good for a laugh or two.

Kula Shaker - Diktator of the Free World

The lads from Kula Shaker are back! Anyone remember Kula from the 90's? Lots of 60 Psychedelic influences, Indian sounds and chanting? Ok, I was a big fan at the time (their debut K was and is one of my most played cd's) and they recently released an ep on iTunes with 3 other tracks beside this one. Diktator is one for the anti-bush crowd. Lyrics are in the first person as though W is on vocal and its pretty scathing (first line: I'm an A-1, major league, sociopath/My daddy's in oil and my life is a gas) but never fails to be a rousing rockin number - lots of guttural howling and some psy-organ noise. So if your a neo-con that just likes solid rock tracks then you might dig it as well.

Mike Doughty - Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well

Doughty is the former lead singer of the singular act Soul Coughing. This track is the lead off on his 3rd and latest solo disc Haughty Melodic. Sounding a bit like mid-era R.E.M. or the Counting Crows with a nice upbeat folk style acoustic strum that gives way to some of the more "produced" sounding music he's done since SC split up. Doughty biggest strength is his highly literate lyrical mastery and playful, catchy delivery of those lyrics. Based on the album title, he obviously know this.



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