Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer Burn is Back

Just got an email from the funkjunkie crew announcing the return of the Summer Burn fun. If you didn't see the post last year (wow, has it been a year already?). It's basically a global, summer themed, mix-tape trading community. Unfortunately I never sent the post-card to register last year and didn't participate but Bigthoughts posted his thoughts on it. I have a postcard ready to go and it'll be in the mail tomorrow. Here are the steps and click the link above or on the right to register.

  1. Signup with your address details using the form below (don't worry, we're not some nasty spamming site and we won't do anything other than use them for this)
  2. Send us a postcard with both your username and confirmation code on it, clearly marked and legible please. To confirm your involvement you must send us a postcard including the confirmation code which we'll send to you when you first sign up. If we don't get a card from you before the 21st of June, you won't be taking part.
  3. Burn 2 CDs of your favourite summer tunes.
  4. On the first day of Summer you'll get an e-mail from us telling you who you should send 2 CDs to.
  5. Post them off to the addresses you receive from us you have within a week of receiving the e-mail.
  6. Sit back and relax, and wait for yours to come through the post from the people that have been selected to send you one!
  7. ... and thats it! You get 2 new CDs full of music to while away the summer heat to. Great innit?
  8. We might even do a prize for the best postcard again, so try to make it a good one.

iTunes has beed giving Kanye's new vid away for free this week and I'm kinda let down (though not by a free video).

First of all Hype has fallen off. When Kanye mugs hard for the camera its just laughable. And as Steriogum pointed out a few days ago (and should be obvious to anyone who digs music videos) the imagery is a hip-hop rip on Chris Cunningham's piece for Madonna's "Frozen." Here's that one as well:

Aside from slagging Hype which is old hat by now, the track itself is really flat. Production is decent but Kanye's performance seems to lack any shred of energy, the Young Jeezy samples add some off putting and out of place hype in the background, and worst of all - the rhymes are lame. But hey, its Kanye so I'm not letting one uninspired track with an uninspired vid turn me off from all of Graduation Day.

Caught Silversun Pickups a couple weeks ago and was quite impressed with the opening act and Dangerbird label mate Sea Wolf (yes, another wolf band - this will make 4 on my iPod). They have the sound similar to Doves, Travis, Trashcan Sinatras, Bright Eyes Check it out:

Sea Wolf - "You're a Wolf" (Buy)

Sea Wolf - "The Garden That You Planted" (Buy)

Silversun review and hillarious video of when things go wrong forthcoming.

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