Monday, June 04, 2007

LCD Soundsystem Secret Show in Philly!

If you haven't heard about this yet peep the LCD myspace blog.

Friday, May 25, 2007

FREE SHOW: LCD Soundsystem, Philadelphia,
June 6th Category: Music

LCD Soundsystem
Philadelphia, June 6th
THE LIST,its easy as…

1. Add LCD Soundsystem
and The List to
YOUR Top Friends.

2. Send a MESSAGE to The List with your
name/e-mail answering this question:

Q: What does DFA (James
Murphy's Record label) stand for?

3. Once you're on The List we'll
send an e-mail with venue info and instructions on how to pick up your
tickets for you and one guest.

Once that is done you'll get a message back from The List saying:

The List

Look for an e-mail on June 5th for instructions on picking up

So if you are anywhere in the NEast Corridor (or
perhaps have a private jet on standby and a vacation day) git your butt
registered and head to Philly round 8pm.

Heres a mix James Murphy and Tim Sweeny did for a radio show last year:
Beats in Space Radio Show Mix - Part 1
Beats in Space Radio Show Mix - Part 2

And tracklist:

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