Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools, A Time for Rebirth.

Hey Reader. The Sho 'Nuff is back. I've changed up the look and I'm widening the scope. Gonna blog about random media, pop culture, politics... whatever.

Haven't been to a show in quite a while so I ended up splurging this week on two shows at the Tower Theater. Friday night was the homecoming and last US date on the current leg of The Roots tour. What a fantastic performance. ?uestlove sang Roxanne in full falsetto. You just can't beat that shit. The show was being filmed from all over the theater so i hope a DVD is released soon.

Before that though was The Decemberists and their Twilight in the Fearful Forest tour. Got seats in the 3rd pit row 2 hrs before the show (thank you Craigslist) and it was awesome. First time seeing the pnw crew and despite the short length it was full of hyper-literate goodness. Colin jumped off the stage during Culling and fried like bacon in the isle. Instead of saying anymore I'll just let you listen...

Or I won't as I can't access my storage space right now. Tomorrw then.


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