Sunday, July 09, 2006

3rd Time's the Charm

My friend - you are Bonnaroo

Dueschland took teh "little final" and 3rd place in convincing fashion to cap off a great run though the copa. And Remind me not to say anything bad about Zidane's momma.

Now onto the last in my extended Bonnaroo review...

Waking up Sunday was a wonderful relief - the clouds had come in and the temps cooled off to a very comfortable level. I went off to the Sonic Stage for some small sets from several different artists. I was a tad late to catch Matisyahu's performance - not that it would've mattered as you couldn't get near the micro venue. This would be a sign of things to come.

The tiny confines of the Sonic Stage

Settled into a nice spot near the front and right of the stage after that mass departed for Andrew Bird. Bird does the one man band type thing by playing, singing, whisteling and then looping it all and adding more elements overtop of those loops. It was a good performance though there was a distinct lack of energy.

After a bit of a break i moved closer to the stage for Rusted Root. Root was decent - they mostly played tracks from solo projects then Michael came out and did Scattered on his own. When they all finally got together to do a Root track he broke a string on the guitar as they started to go into (possibly "Martyr" or "Faith I Do Believe", can't remember which) and took a few minutes to restring and then they just did "Send Me on My Way" and left.

Bonnaroo 2006: Rusted Root: Sonic Stage Acoustic on Vimeo

Next up was Mike Doughty - had to get to the absolute front for this. He was taking requests and then doing his sarcastic Doughty thing with what was shouted out. A girl next to me packed a bowl during one of his songs and after Doughty did a great riff on it afterward - say he might be a narc. Such a quick wit. These are actually my carppy camera phone pics.

Doughty being clever.

Finally left the Sonic Stage to cath The Streets in This Tent. Went up near the front for the first few songs and the sound was terrible. Much like at Sasha, these venues aren't equiped as well for the bass that electronic atrists produce - it was a garbled mess. Moved to the back of the tent and the sound was much clearer. There were some grime heads back there dancing with hippies - wow. Mike Skinner was great - calling out americans for an in ability to drink and proving his point by handing out brandy to the front row who mostly didn't partake. Then some guy in a bright green pool tube and an anti-bush shirt somehow gets on stage and Skinner shoves the bottle of brandy in his face before security drug him off stage. The live band backing him up really added to the performance.

Soybomb's cousin?
Crossing swords on stage
Cheers Mate

Went to try and see Matisyahu for a second time - he was well into his set by the time The Streets were done - but i couldn't get within a quarter mile of the stage. He was obviously the main draw of the day as i can't imagine there were many other people at any other venue. Hung out listening for a bit but the decided to turn around and watch the venue i was actually closer to.

You can't see me in this pic

That venue was inhabited by one Atmosphere - whom I found boring and evoked in me the need to deficate for the first time since thursday morning (or at least the inability to ignore that pressure). So I headed back to camp (Centeroo's facilities had a bit too high a AQ - ass quotient - for me). But i did catch a bit of Sonic Youth on the way back - decent though i've never been a huge fan.

At this point the night was complete for me as watching increasingly un-ironicly named Greatful Dead remnants jam on for hours in the rain. All that was left was a quite enjoyable night of crazy 'Roo experiences with random people coming in out of the rain to our jury-rigged hovel.

Well EzArchive has been down most of the day so no Radiohead set just yet.


So for now a couple tracks from one of the most download friendly labels out there Vice Records. Home to a great stable and a bunch of tracks and videos to keep you entertained.

Bloc Party - "Banquet (Junoir Sanchez Remix)"

Pretty typical from JS - decent remix but nothing really special. Suprised its not as danced up as i would've thought. This is only availible on white label.

The Streets - "When You Wasn't Famous (Professor Green Remix)"

Its all Grimey! Pretty funny really, Green is a newly signed artists to Mike Skinner's label so Green makes fun of the fact that he's a no-one and that Skinner is making more on his records than he is as well as taking the piss out of 'im for being all famous.

"The Stills - Destroyer (Demo Version)"

An early version of the track from their Without Feathers set that came out 2 months ago. Another beautiful indie track from these guys. I like this version better than the album version - less highly produced bombast than that version. This has a very Velvet Underground feel to it.

Favorite Sons - "Hang on, Girl"

One of their most recent signings. Their debut, Down Beside Your Beauty comes out in September 12th. Favorite Sons are out of NYC and have a sound similar to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club sans fuzz. 4/5 of the band come out of the psychedelic philly based Aspera


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