Sunday, June 11, 2006

Olay, Olay Olay Olay, Olay Olay

Copa time and there have been some great matches so far - Argentina v. Ivory Coast and the German v Costa Rica especially. Brunner - hope you are havin a good time over there. Anyone else on the east coast taking a 2hr lunch tomorrow? Instead of Germany I'll be heading the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on Wednesday. Tickets are still availible for the event so if you wanna see Radiohead, Beck, Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Death Cab, and many many more and camp out for a 4 day party then get your tickets and come on down.

Mazarin - New American Apathy

More Philly sounds for you. After releasing 2 discs in 18 months it took almost 4 years for the third set from these psy-indie-posters to drop. This track is the first off that release, We're Already There. Its brilliant shining indie pop on the level of The Flaming Lips but also recalls the Chemical Brothers' more tripped out work with Beth Orton or more recently The Magic Numbers. There is an abundance of sounds swirling in the reverse direction. Lyricaly, the subject matter is similar to the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. track from an ealier post. “Who wants to be oblivious? / The new American apathy / The news so safely keeps you occupied / With lies” Its a dreamy psychadelic rant against the American tendency for heads to be nicely burried in sand.

The Killers - Scratch Studio Instrumental

This track is a little April Fools joke from The Killers. They posted on their web site on 4/1 that they had a new track for their upcoming album (set to drop in the fall). Its really just a loungy, bossa nova instrumental of "Somebody Told Me." I think it might sound good on my summer burn mix! Oh, and the latest Rolling Stone says that this disc is better than Hot Fuss, if you can believe that.

The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
The Decemberists - Engine Driver

Fall of '06 is shaping up to be great one for music fans - aside from The Killers set, The Decemberists aim to follow up my personal favorite disc of '05 Picaresque, with another collection of sea shanties and trubadorian laments. The second track is off that set while the first is from their debut full length Castaways & Cutouts from 2002. The new album will be their first on a major label - that hasn't changed Colin Maloy's crew in the slightest. In Colin's interview at Pitchfork he states there will be at least 2 epic, multi-part song cycles including one over 12 minutes and that absinth binges have been involved?!? Looks like the label people are really up for it though:

"So they came in, and we had strategically put together the two obvious singles that were both short and kind of poppy and fit in with the Decemberists idiom and played them for them. And they liked them. And they asked what else we were doing, and then we started playing the long proggy song cycles, and that's when they got really excited. So it was kind of a positive bit of reinforcement, that they actually support the fact that we're moving in a relatively strange direction."

Oh, the title is The Crane Wife and it drops the day after my birthday (party!) - October 3rd.

Next update will be all aboot Bonnaroo then I'm off to the fest. Drop me a line if you're gonna be there and lemme know who your are most juiced about witnessing - mine should be pretty obvious as I've mentioned them in the last 3 posts now.

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