Thursday, June 08, 2006

Giving Great Radiohead

Thanks to StayBeautiful @ the radiohead boards a recording of the Radiohead show in Philadelphia on June 1st has been made availible. I've done up a little cover thing with current RH graffix & fonts ect - kinda looks like space invaders & asteroid taking on the pope. Trax are encoded @ 64k and sound best in iTunes when applying the dance EQ preset (don't know if presets are standard across platforms though.) Some have said that night 2 was better but this night was damned good though only the second best head i've ever gotten. That title goes to night 2 at Liberty State Park in August of 2001. Enjoy!

1. Intro

2. You and Whose Army

3. National Anthem

4. 2+2=5

5. Open Pick (New Track)

6. 15 Step (New Track)

7. Exit Music (For a Film)

8. Kid A

9. Nude (New Track)

10. Arpeggi (New Track)

11. Street Spirit

12. Pyramid Song

13. Myxomatosis

14. House of Cards (New Track)

15. Spooks (New Track)

16. Idioteque

17. Bangers N Mash (New Track)

18. There There

19. Airbag

20. No Surprises

21. Bodysnatchers (New Track)

22. Everything in Its Right Place

23. 4 Minute Warning (New Track)

24. Karma Police

And now a post head chuckle - SNAKES ON A PLANE + BONO STYLE!!

And here is another AudioBlog worth checking - Badminton Stamps 2 heads one from NYC and one from here in Philly - see we can get along, just not at sporting events. Next time some more local music and an April Fools joke 2 months too late.


Less than a week till Bonnaroo!


Peter said...

Hey, I'll be at Bonnaroo too! I can't wait; It will be amazing.

For some reason I can't download the files in this post? Help?

Keith- said...

links should work now - word had it that EZArchive was down for a tick.

yeah, Bonnaroo will be n-v-t-s.

I'll be doing a pre show post next week so check back.

and thanks for letting me know about the DL issue.