Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Killers Leaked - A Day & Age Before the Street

In what might be the biggest week ever for the illicit file sharing side of the nets another of next week's new set drops... er... drops.

Guns N' Roses, 808s N' Heartbreak & Day N' Age all debut in the next week, just in time to be the last CDs Circuit City will ever sell and most of those 3 are all out & about.

The big question is, who takes #1 on the charts (and where is the magazine cover detailing it)? Actually it will likely be Tom Jones, his fanbase still buys albums.

(Review to follow when its not 4 in the morn.)


Cougar said...

too many new Brit Rock albums in the last month or two

Eric said...

You forgot to mention the new Ludacris in your list of releases. Of the pack, I think the Killers is my fave. It's nothing amazing, but Spaceman really stuck out and the overall vibe is a CD I could see playing in the background at a party.

- Jester - said...

never been a huge Cris fan aside from the singles. Yeah, spaceman is the best one on the set though.