Sunday, October 28, 2007

Telluride Film Festival 2007: Quick Shots

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly [A visually stunning and emotionally moving piece of filmmaking]
I’m Not There [Poetic and experimental with a Stunning turn from Blanchette]

The Band’s Visit [Pitch perfect direction in this fish out of water comedy]
Into the Wild [An vibrant & romantic joy to watch with a stunning climax]
Spider (Short) [Its on the web - watch it now, thank us later]

The Counterfeiters [The whole package]
Encounters at the End of the World [Fun and irreverent doc about the eccentric people, animals and landscapes that inhabit the great white south]
Salim Baba (Short) [Didn't mention this in the write up but it was a very remarkable short doc - Ralph did mention it though]
Wind Man [Magical realism, colorful characters, and contrasts galore - may not be your cuppa but i very much enjoyed it]

Jar City [Even the most modern of crimes can be tackled by good old school detective work but the pacing may put some off]
Juno [Should be an indie crossover hit, a laugh riot with a very solid story]
The Pearce Sisters (Short) [Macabre but in a humorous way]
Persepolis [An astounding story hindered somewhat by the uninteresting animation]

Fission (Short) [Little story but great animation]
My Enemy’s Enemy [Straight forward doc about using bad people to fight those who may be worse]

Brick Lane [Good but VERY familiar story, the 9/11 scenes elevate it above mediocrity]
Help! [Felt stale and dated, but hey We Can Work It Out]
L’Amerique Lunaire (short) [60's western landscapes over a solid score and a eco-story]

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days [What was Cannes thinking?, tight for 45 minutes the it all falls apart]
Margot at the Wedding [Baumbach's latest is disappointing but Black is once again great]

Cargo 200 [Torture to watch but competent filmmaking]
A Journey with Peter Sellars [A boring doc, even if you like lavish opera]

Secret Sunshine [Truly painfully terrible melodrama]

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