Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Die Poletzei (hope thats spelled right)

My boy Joe is a supervisor and one of the people under him wanted to make sure he wouldn't be expected to do any overtime 2 thursdays ago. Why? Because he also works security at Citizens Bank Park where the Police were playing that night. Joe assured him that he wouldn't and the guy asked if he needed any tickets...he took 2, bailed on picking out china patterns for his wedding next year, called me up and we were off to the show.

Due to massive traffic we missed the openers but picked up the tickets at will call (cheap side view) and got in just as Sting and the boys were going on. We quickly found Joe's friend and he slipped us wristbands and tickets for the field, 30 or so rows back from the stage...sweet!

Twas a fantastic show. They definitely still got "it." Copeland was possessed, Summers shredded it up and Sting... well he's Sting what else can you say. They did all the hits over 2.5 hrs save "Canary in a Coalmine" and played 2 encores closing with "Next to You"

Check the vids:

"Walking in Your Footsteps"

"Next To You"


A track now from the new Robbers on High Street set that came out last month. The title is that stern old ride that looks more like a police car than a police car - why did the cops never realize this when sitting by the side of the road in their unmarked?

Robbers on High Street - Crown Victoria

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